Our Philosophy

Our direction

Empower, enable and encourage.

We believe that the service user is central to driving forward the service and as such should be encouraged to make a valued contribution to how their own support is delivered.

Working within the principle that:

“hope and a meaningful life can be possible despite serious mental illness”

(Deegan 1988, Anthony 1993)

This statement underpins our vision for people to have an improved quality of life.

We actively embrace the diversity of our service user group whilst ensuring individual needs are identified and catered for.

Whilst we acknowledge that the people we support have a severe and enduring mental illness, we will seek to maintain existing, and promote development of new skills within the limitations of their illness and ability.

We will ensure we do not work in an overly restrictive mannerĀ and encourage positive risk taking.

We will work in a manner that promotes safe, responsibility taking by service users.

Service users will be encouraged to be involved in care planning and risk assessments to ensure these are reflective of their wishes and aspirations.

We welcome service users with varied cultural needs and will respect and promote the diversity of involvement in meeting these needs.

We will provide opportunities for service users to be valued members of our local community.

Working in partnership with the service user and all interested partiesĀ to achieve positive and appropriate therapeutic relationships built upon trust.

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