Care Pathway

Rockmount Northwest are committed to involving service users in all aspects of their care journey.

Rockmount Northwest is a specialist residential home for people with a primary mental illness diagnosis. we aim to maintain a  focus on rehabilitation and seek to provide opportunities for skill maintenance and acquisition for all service user regardless of ability.

We do not have a maximum length of stay and our pathway is based on progress and engagement.

On referral.

A Registered Nurse Manager will carry out a detailed assessment of each Service User referred to Rockmount, incorporating information from a variety of sources. This information includes previous assessments and care plans, information held at the person current placement, interview and discussion with the service user and any other persons involved at the time of referral.

All assessments are discussed at an Multi Disciplinary meeting as to the appropriateness of the placements and any needs and/or risks that have been identified.

A full report is then forwarded to the referring person for consideration and agreement.

Feedback will then be given to the service user.

Service users are encouraged to visit and have an opinion in the placement at Rockmount.

On admission and during their stay with Rockmount.

We implement and adhere to our admission checklist, ensuring consistent information is explained to the service user, a copy of the user guide will also be given.

We work responsively and develop care plans based on a persons assessed need, personal goals and aspirations.

Care plans are discussed with service users and they are encouraged to comment and sign up to these. we regularly revisit them in Keyworker sessions to ensure they are reflective of current needs and wishes.

Staff are allocated as a keyworker to act as a point of reference and undertake additional responsibilities for the people they are allocated to in terms of  documentation, personal support and various assessments.

we work openly and transparently with external professionals to ensure the person holistic needs are fully met


We have a discharge checklist which is implemented when a person is seeking or ready to move on.

This is a fully collaborative process ensuring the person feels supported, and there is a seamless transition to the new placement or on to independent living.


Caring, friendly staff. I feel involved and informed about my sons care. They do great job.

A healthcare professional told the CQC; "The staff at Rockmount NorthWest are pro-active in their management of risk and the
quality of the documentation is excellent."
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