Rockmount Northwest


Rockmount intends to provide a responsive and effective service for adults with complex mental health needs.

Our aim is to provide person centred support based upon thorough assessment of need including presenting behaviours, risks and relapse indicators.

One page profiles will capture a persons immediate preferences and needs with more detailed guidance in individually developed care plans.

We work responsively to reduce the duration of, and minimise the impact of, any periods of acute illness. Working collaboratively with external agencies to ensure effective treatment and therapy are accessed as early as possible.

Development of meaningful and therapeutic professional relationships are fundamental to recognising and responding to changes in Service User well being.

Our in house keyworking system ensures that specific staff member shave a more detailed overview of a persons needs and wellbeing.

We understand and actively embrace the philosophy of multi agency working to ensure the Service User receives an holistic package of care.

We have frequent, open and transparent dialogue with families and external professionals so the Service User needs are fully represented.

Supporting people to attend medical reviews and representing on their behalf where they may find it difficult to express themselves.

We work within all legal frameworks to ensure best practice and least restrictive ways of working including Depravation of Liberty Safeguards, Mental Capacity act and the Mental Health act.

We adhere to NICE guidance in terms of medication management and specific mental health conditions.

I feel Rockmount provides excellent care for the clients. I have witnessed this through dealings with a client of mine and clients of a fellow worker Head Office Relocation
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