Religious Requirements

Faith and Culture

Our Philosophy

Our service regards recognition of faith and cultural preferences as an integral part of the support we provide.

We respect individual preferences and cultures ensuring all service users are supported with respect and dignity.

We do not discriminate against anyone in terms of belief, culture and/or religious affiliation.

We actively support people to attend preferred religious establishments including Church and Mosque.

We facilitate preferred diets in terms of cultural requirements and adhere to all guidance in terms of food handling and storage of crockery, cutlery and cooking utensil’s.

We celebrate religious festivals from differing cultures and support Service Users to spend time with families when these occur, as they wish.

We recruit to a mixed gender and multi faith support team. This helps to inform and educate the wider staff team, ensure Service Users receive like minded support and/or to advocate on Service Users behalf when they have difficulty doing so themselves.

Having a diverse support team enables effective communication for people where English is not the first language. It also enables improved communication and understanding with families during home visits and at Rockmount.

This has been particularly useful during discussions about capacity and understanding where sometimes information may be lost in translation.

We have a private quiet area on the top floor where people can go for reflection and prayer.

I feel Rockmount provides excellent care for the clients. I have witnessed this through dealings with a client of mine and clients of a fellow worker Head Office Relocation
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