Rockmount Northwest

Referrals and ethos

We provide support for people aged 18 and over who have a diagnosis of severe and enduring Mental Illness, and who may also have a Learning Disability.

Whilst we are a registered care home, we maintain a  rehabilitation ethos and our vision states:

“To deliver a high quality, safe and supportive service in as least restrictive manner as possible.

 To enable and empower Service Users to realise their full potential within the limitations of their illness and ability”

To support our achievement of this we will:

  • Work together to foster a culture of mutual respect and understanding
  • Actively promote effective communication, taking into account individual needs and preferences, to ensure everyone has a valued contribution to service development.
  • Value the input from external professionals, families and friends to ensure thorough assessment of user needs and the holistic service provided is based on factual, current and historical data.
  • Engender a culture of shared values, ensuring everyone has the right to be an individual.
  • Promote tolerance and embrace diversity for all people involved with our service.
  • Value the culture of rehabilitation and positive risk taking, promoting full integration into daily routines, developing both internal and external support networks based on individual needs and preferences.
  • Create a safe and supportive environment where people can maintain existing and develop new life skills, utilising Recovery principles and effective care planning. This will enable us to support service users towards achievement of individual goals as defined by assessment and involvement.

We also work responsively with Service Users to promote independence at their own pace and ensure they remain as involved as they wish in the care planning process.

Rockmount staff work in close partnership with all relevant external professionals ensuring open and transparent information sharing to enhance the safety and wellbeing of Service Users at all times.


I feel Rockmount provides excellent care for the clients. I have witnessed this through dealings with a client of mine and clients of a fellow worker Head Office Relocation
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