We uphold the rights of all service users to privacy, dignity and respect.

It is recognised that people who are in receipt of support find it more difficult to maintain personal privacy, due to requiring support or supervision for personal care etc.

It is also necessary to check on a persons welfare during any span of duty. We must be mindful not to become intrusive in carrying out this responsibility.

There are certain mandatory elements of service provision that need to be managed sensitively e.g. post logging and management and dealing with health appointments, on these occasions we work in the least restrictive manner possible asking for Service User cooperation in sharing of important data.

In addition some people prefer for Rockmount to manage their documentation including bank and benefit details, these will always be stored confidentuially and securely in line with Information Governance requirements

Privacy in practice

Staff must always knock on Service Users’ room doors, bathroom and toilet doors before entering or being invited to enter.

Service Users’ hold their own room key and can lock their own private areas (although we are able to access them in emergencies and for health and safety reasons).

Service Users’ are able to use the homes pay phone which is situated in an area away from the main areas of the home.

There is protected space on the ground or 3rd floor, for service users to receive visitors in an uninterrupted area.

All personal post is logged and given to the service user to open, it is their choice as to whether they share the contents of this with staff.

We discuss Information Governance and confidentiality at user forums re safekeeping and disposal of personal mail and other information disclosures

I feel Rockmount provides excellent care for the clients. I have witnessed this through dealings with a client of mine and clients of a fellow worker Head Office Relocation
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