Aims and Objectives

The Aims of Our Service

Rockmount Northwest is committed to developing and maintaining a knowledgeable and competent staff team.

The CQC key lines of enquiry and standards provide our service delivery framework, however we strive to exceed these standards and promote ‘best practice’ in all areas of support.

We aim to provide staff training and development opportunities, that meet the needs of our service-users including specialised training where identified. This includes training that informs staff about keeping service users safe and free from harm, issues relating to capacity, rights, inclusion & personal liberty.

We are committed to employing the required number and appropriately skilled mix of staff to meet service-user needs, including, ethnic, cultural, gender and age specific.

For all staff to recognise the importance of providing support that is deemed safe by minimising and managing identified risks, whilst equally promoting independence and enhancing service-user ‘quality of life’.

We support positive risk and responsibility taking. we aim to provide a service that mimics, where possible, ordinary lifestyles in terms of work, occupational and leisure activity.

We will provide a high standard of accommodation in a safe, homely and comfortable environment.

We seek to involve external professionals and significant others and always aim to work collaboratively to achieve the best possible outcomes for our service-users.

Rockmount Northwest has ‘Investors in People’ status. We are committed to providing a high standard of staff training and development, including the care certificate induction.

We regard our staff team highly and recognise the fundamental part they have in building and delivering a high quality, strong, cohesive and successful service.

We expect that all newly recruited will be successfully inducted and enabled to uphold and respect these principles and the ability to demonstrate this will be assessed at the point of initial interview and ongoing throughout employment.


Knowing my relative is cared for in a place like Rockmount is a weight off my shoulders Head Office Relocation
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