Physical Health & Wellbeing

Health Promotion and Wellbeing

We recognise that a persons mental and physical health wellbeing can impact on each other, and as such we aim to provide a holistic package of health support to all Service Users.

 To do this we:

  • Monitor and respond to any changes in a persons physical health condition
  • React swiftly and appropriately to seek assistance, treatment and advice where concerns are expressed or observed.
  • Support people to make and attend acute health and regular screening appointments where required.
  • Have detailed physical health care plans in place to give guidance to staff on what the persons needs are and how to help manage these.
  • Work closely with local primary care teams to ensure a person has access to all necessary physical health specialists as required.
  • Work in partnership and have an excellent relationship with the local GP practice.
  • Educate, encourage and promote healthy lifestyles and eating habits
  • Provide healthy options and healthy versions of chosen meals
  • Utilise local services e.g. Gym, cycling club and sports centres
  • Involve external agencies where necessary and adhere to guidance from specialist clinics i.e. diabetic clinic, district nurses etc.
  • Arrange in house services where access to community service is not appropriate or cost effective e.g. podiatry


I feel Rockmount provides excellent care for the clients. I have witnessed this through dealings with a client of mine and clients of a fellow worker Head Office Relocation
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