August 2019

Its been a while since i updated the page.. we have been busy with decorating the corridors and having some of the bedrooms upgraded.

We have also had some work completed on our medication room to make it more private and comfortable for people to have their medication.

In terms of activities there has been lots going on

  • we have been working with service users to look at relationships and how to keep safe and continue to be supported to meet and match and sliding doors events
  • our allotments has borne fruit (and vegetables) which have been used in the meals we serve
  • we have also found a local woodwork session which people are very keen to attend.
  • People have been accessing a variety of evening activities and shows both local and further afield including Vivas Blackpool and Rockprest/Rockstock and restricted rocks festivals and concerts locally,
  • Some people went to the Monster Trucks show at Manchester arena

Some people are going on an all inclusive holiday to Majorca, next month, which they are all looking forward to.

we have been inspected by the local authority in Lancashire and all standards were met. We also had our H&S inspection which was very positive with very minor action points

We have recently circulated a Carer survey to families and significant others.. we have had a good response and some very nice comments made including

“The home is run very well and staff keep you informed”

“staff are very welcoming and have years of experience that shows in their ability to manage difficult situations”

” I feel like its my second home”

” I am very pleased there are lots of activities and holidays provided”

“the rooms are personalised with nice bedding and furniture”

“I rate Rockmount as a very good service, very responsible and responsive to the needs. They quickly sort out anything that needs attention for my brother”

“what more could you ask!”

“Good level of respect for residents, a good approach to diffusing potentially difficult situations”

“I feel my brother is safe which puts my mind at rest”

” happy that there is not a lot of changes within the staff team”

“staff are very approachable and I can see they have a good rapport with my son”

“staff are good at monitoring for any signs of relapse and doing something about it”

“Staff are very caring, they look after my son keeping him safe and well, which allows him, and me, to have a life”

Some suggestions made were-

  • increased social events where families can attend,
  • a newsletter every 6 months and
  • an informal chat afternoon once a quarter,

we will discuss these and introduce something in the new year.

We have also been holding senior staff CQC away days- reviewing what we d and where we can make improvements, this is an ongoing development which will formulate an action plan for the next 12-18 months.

Nourish care records and ELFY training are well embedded in our systems and have assisted us with achieving over 95% training compliance.

We are introducing some new sessions with staff- “service user spotlight sessions” where we will discuss someone in details and ensure everyone is working to the same goals and strategies

“Quick briefing sessions”- where we will review and discuss an current topic or refresh on an existing issue that we have not discussed for some time. we will use the Local authority 7 minute briefing sheets, NICE quick guides and CQC learning lessons briefings at these sessions to share good practice and recommendations.

We are now planing for our Mc Millan coffee morning in September and we are already planning our Christmas events and party.

The best way to find out more about Rockmount Northwest is by visiting us