CQC inspection April 2018

We are delighted that all our efforts have been rewarded and we have been rated as good in 4/5 areas in our recent inspection against the new standards.

We have a little more work to do in terms of audit monitoring and governance to improve our well led rating, fingers crossed we have this sorted by our next inspection so we are good across the board. We have received some lovely comments from service users, external professionals and staff. A few highlights have been included below. We have already put extra measures in place in terms of monitoring and compliance and will continue to review the CQC report ensuring all recommendations are actioned accordingly.

“I feel safe and comfortable here”, “I’m much safer than I was a few years ago, this is the right place for me” and “Of course I feel safe and there are rules to keep us all safe here.”

People made positive comments about the cleanliness of the service. They said, “I clean my own room and decorate it to my own taste, I’m a football fan you see.”

“The staff here know how to support me. They manage things for me including when I need to see my nurse”; “I’m very happy with the service that staff provide” and, “They support me with everything that I need; I’m much better in here than before; that’s what my family think as well.”

“Staff are brilliant and kind”, “Staff are very caring.” One person said, “The staff are good to me. We all look out for each other

Staff said, “The training is good and you are not limited. I can ask for any additional training. In fact, I have asked for additional training in response to the needs that I identified in some of the people we support”, “I completed one week induction and it has been very useful to prepare me for the role”,

One health care professional said, “Rockmount Northwest is always a pleasure to ring and visit. Staff really seem to know and care about the residents and

often go over and above the roles.”

They said, “I was very impressed by the genuine thoughtfulness, care and support that was given to the person during their transition to Rockmount. Staff at Rockmount continued to encourage them to visit regularly, to involve them in getting their room just as they wanted when discharged from hospital.”

All responses regarding life in the home were positive and people shared with us details of the various activities and ventures they undertook. Comments from people included, “I do all sorts of things, I play football every week and watch my local football team playing, I’m never bored”, “I go to the gym on my own I have my own routine”, “I have been studying at college and haveĀ just finished” and “I work at a local farm helping out.”

A health care professional told us, “Overall I have been extremely impressed with this service (and it is the first time I have placed anyone at Rockmount) and there is a real warmth about the relationship and approach that staff have towards services users. I have recognised this with all staff, for example, the manager, deputy manager and support workers.”

A health care professional told us, “I have experienced an extremely smooth transition of a patient moving from longterm secure hospital to Rockmount.”
We received compliments from a professional who told us, “It is a pleasure to be able to talk so positively about this placement but this is a true account of how I have found my experience.”

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