January-March 2018

We have been busy recruiting new staff as we said goodbye to 3 members of our team who have all left to pursue other career options including fostering and becoming a full time family carer. we have had some lovely feedback via leaver questionnaires and exit interviews and are pleased that their leaving was not related to being unhappy at work.

we have now introduced our electronic care records Nourish which is proving very successful and gives a good overview of care delivery on a  day to day basis and enables staff to spend more time with service users and out of the office.

In addition we have been training all our staff in the new outcomes based assessment tool ” Life Star” this will help focus our care planning to meet the needs and wishes of our service users and assist them with making progress in areas that they value.

we have also recruited an admin support staff who has been useful in freeing up managers to spend more time on clinical focused work.

Plans for Easter celebrations were well received with both staff and service users receiving Easter egg and having lots of Easter themed treats and activities.

we are collating the results of recent service user and staff surveys so we can see where any improvements are required.

Unfortunately one of our service users passed away in hospital after a long period of ill health, staff and service users attended the funeral to pay our respects from Rockmount.

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