September 2017

Since my last post we have been enjoying the fruits of our labour on the allotment making hearty soups and casseroles with our home grown veg. We have also made Jam with plums from our tree in the grounds.

We continue with our fundraising and have a McMillan tea party planned for this Friday 29th September, these events are greatly enjoyed by our service users and their families and are a good way of opening our doors to the wider public. This helps us to dispel myths and stigma around mental health and promote the positive work that we do.

We are looking forward to exciting times ahead with the introduction of the outcomes star assessment tool  and also moving towards electronic care records within the next 3-6 months.

Service users have enjoyed concerts and shows in the local area and the holidays continue to occur.

Next plans for trips to the illuminations and our Xmas do being arranged at the cricket club with a singer and buffet.

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