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Jackie Taylor Registered Manager


Julie O Brien Deputy Manager

Jackie and Julie are both registered Nurses and form the management team at Rockmount. We operate an open door policy meaning everyone can have access to us when they need to. This also means we are responsive and able to deal with any issues promptly and effectively to ensure the smooth operation of the home.

Our Directors Nafis Iqbal and Afzal Hussain



Registered Nurse Manager- Jackie Taylor

I trained as a Registered Learning Disability nurse in the early 80s and worked for many years in a large institution. I was fortunate to work for what was considered to be an innovative and forward thinking service. I followed my career path from student nurse to Ward Manager becoming actively involved in the initiative to resettle people into the community and the ultimate closure of long stay residential, institutional care.

I moved to work in a community based setting managing a “challenging behaviour” service in Greater Manchester for over 10 years.

In 2009 I changed career and commenced work in a forensic psychiatric hospital as a Ward Manager. This was both a challenging and rewarding role.

I learnt a lot!

Whilst working here I realised that I preferred the rehabilitation aspect of community supported services, and in 2013 I was successful in gaining a position as Manager of Rockmount, supporting people with enduring mental health issues.

I am committed to ensuringĀ that the service I manage is of the highest quality. IĀ invest in ways of working that optimise compliance with CQC standards and other relevant legislation.

I am passionate about ensuring Service Users are empowered and receive the correct levels of support to enable them to progress in a safe manner.

I believe in person centred support and treating all people as individuals, enabling everyone to reach their maximum potential within the limitations of their illness and ability.

Other relevant training and qualifications include

  • Diploma in management studies
  • Diploma in behavioural approaches
  • Certificate In Principles and practices of supporting people with autistic spectrum disorder.
  • Person centred planning facilitators workshop.

Registered Nurse, Deputy Manager-Julie O Brien

Julie is our Deputy Manager

Julie is our Deputy Manager



Staff and managers are very friendly, caring, approachable and flexible. I believe they try their best to sort out any issues and keep me up to date. I feel involved and get invited to lots of events. Head Office Relocation
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